Pleated Homecoming Dresses

 Pleated homecoming dresses can create an impression of sweetness about a person’s character and their sense of style. Finding a dress that is within one’s budget and provides the most flattering cut for one’s figure can be a difficult combination to find. Essentially defined, a pleat is gathered material that creates a “pinched” look. They are used in a variety of ways to flatter a person’s figure. For example, a pleated waistline can make an individual’s waist appear to be several inches smaller while drawing attention upwards to one’s bustling; however, they are several rules that should be followed when choosing a pleated homecoming dress in order to enhance the overall appearance of the look.

A pleated dress can add an unexpected element of fun to a young lady’s homecoming look. Pleat designs are generally associated with more sophisticated sorts of dresses, and this type of dress can allow a young lady to appear mature, while still youthful. Pleated designs are usually featured in knee length or full length dresses. If the pleated dress features a hemline that is too short, it can create the appearance of additional weight around the hips. The pleated homecoming dress can be especially flattering to plus sized ladies. Because the skirt of the dress flares away from the body, it is adept at hiding problematic areas in the thighs or the buttocks. A pleated dress may be chosen with a neckline that enhances a woman’s bust line in order to draw attention upwards, away from their lower body.

Due to the dramatic cut of the dress, most pleated dresses do not feature many embellishments. The simplicity of the dress should be allowed to speak for itself. However, this can be an opportunity for a young lady to make a dramatic statement through her accessories. A pleated homecoming dress in a hue of royal blue would create a stunning impression when paired with silver heels and platinum jewelry. For a more bold statement, the pleated homecoming dress that a young lady chooses should feature one of the bright jewel tones that are so popular this season. Regardless of the color of the dress she chooses, a young woman is guaranteed to create a lasting, positive impression on her date and her classmates with a pleated dress!

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